About the Kent Data Repository

The Kent Data Repository was launched in 2017. Its aim is to give all Kent researchers, whether externally funded or not, the option of a research data repository. This repository is not a comprehensive representation of data outputs from the University of Kent.

If you need advice on where to deposit your data, email researchsupport@kent.ac.uk or visit: TBA.


Metadata is released under a public domain (CC0) dedication to encourage reuse. Most datasets are also discoverable through the DataCite Metadata Store.

Each record includes information on how to access the dataset. If the data is not openly downloadable, you can use the request access button to contact us for access options.


Datasets published in the repository have a minimum standard of metadata that ensure that data is appropriately described and discoverable.

Reusing data

We encourage depositors to use CC0 licences on their datasets to promote reuse. If you reuse any data, we expect you to acknowledge the creators in an appropriate manner, ideally through a citation similar to that provided with the record. Where no licence is specified, please contact us to check your intended use is permitted.